About Us

This course aims to introduce students to the discipline of Physical Health, which includes the sub-categories of Nutrition, Oral health and hygiene, and Sports education.

Food and Nutrition
The idea behind instilling in our students knowledge of nutrition is to enable them to recognize the difference between a balanced and an unbalanced diet. A balanced diet, as we know, is critical for optimal growth and development. The need for awareness of a balanced and truly nutritional diet becomes even more important with the introduction of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, malnutrition, and other diseases that may be generated by an unbalanced diet. While proper nutrition matters at any age, it proves to be particularly beneficial when kids at younger ages are socialized into eating healthy and taking proper care of their bodies. By looking into the discipline of nutrition in more detail, we enlighten students with the various benefits and consequences of a particular diet, thereby encouraging them to make a more healthy choice in everyday life.

Oral Health and Hygiene
The second unit, which concerns itself with Oral health and hygiene, will be demonstrating to the students how to incorporate hygienic practices into their lifestyle, and what exactly those hygienic practices are. The need for this unit is shown by the prevalence of dental diseases such as dental caries, commonly known as tooth decay, which happens to be a chronic disease of the childhood, and is five times more common than asthma. By introducing our students to Oral health and hygiene earlier on in their developing years, we inculcate the capability in them to choose wise and healthy lifestyle practices for themselves, which may endure.

Eat and Drink Smart
The third unit is an integration of the first and second units such that it encourages students to eat and drink smart. This will be an opportunity for them to practice what they have learned so far. Lastly, Sports education signifies the importance of exercise. Students are introduced to meditation, dance, and self-defense as some forms of sports and physical exercise, which they may choose to indulge in later on in their lives. Such a setting aims to further the notion of exercise in them, by allowing them to explore more than just the conventional forms of it.
We aim to make our students food-smart and body-smart, such that they know the impact a certain habit will have on themselves and their bodies.